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Pastor everette

When you meet Pastor Everette, you'll find that he is an eclectic thinker, approaching life and the Word of God at every angle.  He is the head of the Catalyst Youth Ministry of Crossover Church, and he has an incredible call for the spiritual growth of teens.  You will appreciate his creativity and sense of humor, and so will your teens.  He has a sincere passion for Christian maturity in our young people. He brings a thought-provoking wisdom, even for his age, that motivates us all to cultivate a deeper relationship with God.

Personable. Communicable. Passionate. Resourceful.

Everette was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel at Crossover Church under the covering of Pastor Tim Seay in December 2019.  Soon after, he came on board to serve as the church’s Youth Minister. Minister Everette was well into a government career focusing on community engagement and development before he began to sense a void.  This God-shaped void led him to engage the call of full-time ministry upon his life.

Fitness Guru. Family Man. Adventurer.


He now serves as the ministry leader for Crossover’s Catalyst Teen Ministry and Call Out, Crossover’s College Ministry.  Minister Everette continues to help the youth create a real and personal connection with Christ so that they have the tools to be the disciples that Christ has called them to be. 

He is a dedicated husband to his wife, Noel, and a devoted father to two children, with one on the way.

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