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Better together: Small Group

have you ever thought to yourself, it would be great if there was...

A setting where we could discuss with others how to practically apply the life changing messages we hear on a Sunday morning to our everyday lives.

A place where we can gather with a dozen people to encourage, support and pray each other through life challenges and celebrate victories together.

A place where others will stand with you to see your faith enlarged, and strengthen your walk with Christ.

Your answer: Small Groups

Our small group ministry is a great way to get connected and grow your faith in Christ with other believers. We believe that small groups are at the heart of connection.  From this place, we support each other, we grow closer to God, and we learn to apply the life-changing Word of God to our everyday lives.

Currently, small groups meet virtually on Wednesday evenings bi-weekly.

Sign-up so we can confirm your place in one of these small groups.

Interested in learning more about small groups? Contact our Member / Visitor Services Coordinator, Cheryl Keys, at

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