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Our Journey

It all started the fall of 1987 in an elementary school.

In October of 1987, an apostolic core of 20 somethings ventured out to establish a unique expression of the body of Christ in the Washington metropolitan area.  At the time, this new entity was Emmanuel Covenant Church, which recognized and celebrated God’s abiding presence with us.

Serving as its pastor, Tim Seay longed to see this new church become an environment that nurtured and produced a community of people who were living expressions of genuine Christianity.

As a result, Pastor Seay and this community of believers were not content to reduce their Christian identity to a Sunday morning service, but driven with a passion to be instrumental in Changing Lives, Changing Families, and Changing the World.

After almost three decades of existence and service, instead of erecting a monument of complacency, they are a church with a fresh wind, a fresh fire, and new name that points to the present and future impact on the lives of many. That name is Crossover Church.

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