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Pastor babs

When you meet Pastor Babs, he is welcoming and  a delight to be around.  His smile and laid-back presence are comforting and immediately puts your heart at ease; he'll make you feel that you've come to the right place. Pastor Bab's is always willing to listen and pray for you on the spot.  His hospitality and deep faith in God are evident even in the way he greets each guest and member.  

Kind. Trustworthy. compassionate. selfless.

In 1987, Pastor Babs Olufotebi stepped foot into Crossover Church and made "the best decision of his life" when he became a member.  Since then, he has served faithfully in various capacities, including the Ushers Ministry, Men's Ministry, and Purpose Groups.  Through his commitment to the local assembly and ability to uncompromisingly teach the principles of God with diligence, Pastor Babs currently serves as an Associate Pastor and oversees the Ambassadors for Christ Evanglism Ministry.

Stylish. Evangelist. Prayer Warrior.

Pastor Babs is originally from Nigeria.  He moved to the United States in 1980 and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Bowie State University in 1984 and a Master of Computer Science degree from Howard University in 1986.  Pastor Babs is married to Remi, his loving wife of 23 years.  They have four adult children and currently reside in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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